Monday, September 13, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Finale

Hiya folks, been a little while since I've been to the blogging world, but a topic that bored me out of my skull has made a presence and I decided I need to vent before my head explodes. This topic is of course the season finale of HBO's True Blood that premiered last night. This may contain spoilers so continue reading at your own risk, I am not quite sure what I am writing or what I may write.

I love True Blood! I will get that out of the way, but last nights season finale was, let me find a word, Poop. The third seasons pacing was pretty shitty in the first place, but I was really hoping it would all come to head and leave me caring what happened. Surprise Dennis! No we are not going to make an interesting finale! There were certain points that it could have left me excited and going crazy waiting for season 4 but the show kept playing, I was left wondering what the hell they were thinking.

Certain plot lines were just so uninteresting that I found myself playing on my phone waiting for them to end. The story with the vampires and their shenanigans, I enjoyed, even though they should have ended the episode with Bill on the phone sending the assassin to kill Pam. Why the @#$% would you not end it there?! Was the perfect point to end the finale. I also enjoyed Hoyt and Jessica, even though I know where that is going most likely with his mom buying a gun. Hoyt is getting shot! Oh crappy television writing! Hoyt should just be with Jessica and they should live happily ever after. Lafayette and his boytoy and their magic hoodoo has me interested where that is going too. Let Terry be happy too, even though I hate Arlene. Everything else just fell flat to the point I lose consciousness.

Usually Jason Stackhouse amuses me, but as his storyline went on I just couldn't understand why he was doing the stupid things he was doing. Some of them really stupid. And the story with him and the high school kid is just popped in there for no reason every couple episodes. The panther people I could careless about, they didn't make me care and I don't see myself caring. I know they go into this stuff in the books, but feel free to make it watchable television. The girl Jason fell for I find completely unattractive and can't wrap my head around Jason falling in love with her. Shitty personality and ugly come on! I'm not going to even bother looking up any of these characters names cause I hate them so much.

Sam I hate your family! I hate you for being so wishy washy and changing your character every episode. Yes your a drunk and have a secret past, blah blah blah. Get over it. Your brother didn't do anything to shoot him, you were the asshole. Quit being mean to people and than nice again, doesn't make me like you one bit. You and Tara go run off together and fall off a cliff so I don't have to put up with you storylines.

I'm not even going to begin with Tara. As a character I hate her. I hate the way she is to people. She is the queen of wishy washyness, she makes Sam look like a fully functioning member of society. I don't know if its the whining every goddamn frame she is in or what, but my brain can't take it. One second she gets into shit and is crying, blah, blah, blah, lets be mean to people, wait I'm strong, I am over this, wait nope I'm being bitch again. Anyway I hate her character.

Overall I was highly disappointed. I don't even remember what happened as I am writing this that is how non important last nights episode was. I'm sad that it unimpressed me but what the @#$% True Blood! At least I won't be waiting for next season so it will come faster. At least some good shows are on in a week.

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