Monday, September 13, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Finale

Hiya folks, been a little while since I've been to the blogging world, but a topic that bored me out of my skull has made a presence and I decided I need to vent before my head explodes. This topic is of course the season finale of HBO's True Blood that premiered last night. This may contain spoilers so continue reading at your own risk, I am not quite sure what I am writing or what I may write.

I love True Blood! I will get that out of the way, but last nights season finale was, let me find a word, Poop. The third seasons pacing was pretty shitty in the first place, but I was really hoping it would all come to head and leave me caring what happened. Surprise Dennis! No we are not going to make an interesting finale! There were certain points that it could have left me excited and going crazy waiting for season 4 but the show kept playing, I was left wondering what the hell they were thinking.

Certain plot lines were just so uninteresting that I found myself playing on my phone waiting for them to end. The story with the vampires and their shenanigans, I enjoyed, even though they should have ended the episode with Bill on the phone sending the assassin to kill Pam. Why the @#$% would you not end it there?! Was the perfect point to end the finale. I also enjoyed Hoyt and Jessica, even though I know where that is going most likely with his mom buying a gun. Hoyt is getting shot! Oh crappy television writing! Hoyt should just be with Jessica and they should live happily ever after. Lafayette and his boytoy and their magic hoodoo has me interested where that is going too. Let Terry be happy too, even though I hate Arlene. Everything else just fell flat to the point I lose consciousness.

Usually Jason Stackhouse amuses me, but as his storyline went on I just couldn't understand why he was doing the stupid things he was doing. Some of them really stupid. And the story with him and the high school kid is just popped in there for no reason every couple episodes. The panther people I could careless about, they didn't make me care and I don't see myself caring. I know they go into this stuff in the books, but feel free to make it watchable television. The girl Jason fell for I find completely unattractive and can't wrap my head around Jason falling in love with her. Shitty personality and ugly come on! I'm not going to even bother looking up any of these characters names cause I hate them so much.

Sam I hate your family! I hate you for being so wishy washy and changing your character every episode. Yes your a drunk and have a secret past, blah blah blah. Get over it. Your brother didn't do anything to shoot him, you were the asshole. Quit being mean to people and than nice again, doesn't make me like you one bit. You and Tara go run off together and fall off a cliff so I don't have to put up with you storylines.

I'm not even going to begin with Tara. As a character I hate her. I hate the way she is to people. She is the queen of wishy washyness, she makes Sam look like a fully functioning member of society. I don't know if its the whining every goddamn frame she is in or what, but my brain can't take it. One second she gets into shit and is crying, blah, blah, blah, lets be mean to people, wait I'm strong, I am over this, wait nope I'm being bitch again. Anyway I hate her character.

Overall I was highly disappointed. I don't even remember what happened as I am writing this that is how non important last nights episode was. I'm sad that it unimpressed me but what the @#$% True Blood! At least I won't be waiting for next season so it will come faster. At least some good shows are on in a week.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Chicago Wizard World 2010

Hello folks! Been a long time since my last blog! Wish I could say I've been slacking off and not dying on the floor somewhere. I decided to take a break from my secret project and website graphic designs to talk about Chicago Wizard World 2010. It was great time! My friend Andy Lane and I ripped up the town! Met a lot of nice people, all of whom didn't swat or shoo us away, so victory! I have photos up on my Facebook that I took with my Droid if you want to check them out and have more on the way.

Thursday was working against us with all of its might but we managed to turn everything around by Friday. Eight hour trip wrecked my body, we were in the wrong hotel like six blocks away, my body was revolting aganist me in more ways than normal all morning long. Stuffed pizza you so yummy, why you try to kill Dennis?! Thank you very much 7-11 for the Gatorade, which replenished my electrolytes, repaired the mornings evacuations performed on the Imperial Cruiser Dennis. I don't even really remember the bad things very much now. Just was stressing in those moments.

We took a cab from our wrong hotel to Chicago Wizard World's preview night. When I got there I had the wrong ticket purchased, that made me not so happy, I got over it eventually. Better than no ticket! We got to take a lot of photos of the Batmobile before they hid it behind curtains the other two days so they could charge three hundred dollars to glimpse it. That dollar price is made up but some of the prices for things were crazy.

I got to meet Art Baltazar! Which was awesome! Nicest guy! I wanted to met him when I was here in 2008 but just never got a chance. His lines extend to the moon and understandably so! Told myself I was meeting him no matter what this year! Sadly for him he got meet us everyday! He was a great sport and we got to hear some great stories from him! He drew me a wonderful Harley Quinn and Batgirl picture! I cherish it! Along with like four others! They are my new babies gonna hang them up and smile at them. Will post them all soon. Maybe I'll create my own little poster with them!

There were a lot of amazing costumes this year! Zombie Hulk, Moon Knight, Deadpool, Harley Quinns (Every little teen girl comes as Harley Quinn), Jokers, Bebop and Rocksteady, X Men, Red Hood, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Superman, Iron Man and War Machine, Stormtroopers and many others! I do believe I saw the Old Spice guy getting chummy with super peeps. Really wish I had my costumes done. Hulk Sad.

Friday was amazingly fun day that included shopping, photo ops, and awesomeness! I got to meet J. Scott Campbell! I learned a lot of how I draw today from him, so it was really big for me to meet him. Its always so strange to meet the people who have impacted your life in some way. You try to always think of something cool to say, to not low talk, or stutter and than you vomit some ridiculous thing out of your mouth. "Dounts have pretty awesome holes." I grabbed his new Fairy Tales calendar, which I missed last years, and three sketch books, a sweet Black Cat print and Alice in Wonderland print from last years calendar. Got everything signed by him and the Alice print by the colorist too. Was pretty neat. Had Andy stop back and get some Gen 13 comics signed. Was one of my personal favorites as a kid. MMMMM Fairchild. I love me some redheads.

Also on Friday we meet Michael Golden and watched him free draw a sweet Batman profile for a fan and got our awesome Power Girl prints signed. Its really fun to watch real artists draw. Maybe someday my skills will get that good, in like 45 years. Give or take. Spectacular artist. Check him out.

We met with poor Adrianne Curry and Crystal Louthan all three days of the con minus Thursday. I will say they were two of the most beautiful and nicest girls I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Besides my wonderful girlfriend reading this of course! Andy got pictures of each, each day. Adrianne was wearing some awesome sci-fi/comic cosplay costumes each day. Mr. Knight you are a lucky man! First day was a Star Wars Imperial Officer, Saturday, Slave Leia, and Sunday, Leloo from Fifth Element. Sigh.

Saturday night went to the Mafia II Release Party! It was sponsored by Dr. Pepper and Venom Energy drink so I drank free all night. Sucks eating medicines all day to be alive. We dressed up for the masquerade ball in the closest thing we had to Mafia suits, sadly we were told Mario and Luigi costumes were inappropriate. Got lots of free loots and goodies! But best thing was all the great people we met and hung out with. Adrianne Curry, Art Baltazar, Jimmy!, the Soup Nazi, Boba Fett. Was a wild and interesting night, never gonna get to experience something like we did again, well until next Comic Con.

All I wanted to do well I was down at the party since it was my birthday was to talk to Adrianne Curry about WoW. Such a silly goal! But Queen Geek that is best Top Model, that loves Star Wars, WoW, NiN and dressing up how could I not try to talk to her. If I could do that I was done for the day. Andy spotted Ms. Curry and her husband and we went to talk to them and I somehow got stuck in a action pose photo shoot with her, which I will post soon, was so freaking cool! After that she had left and my chance I thought was gone. We went up stairs to the bar and found Art Baltazar and Jimmy and talked with them awhile. Jimmy is awesome! Great guy, fun stories, just great to talk too! After that we headed back down stairs to the party. They had roped off a VIP section for the celebrities, which I decided to cross when I saw miss Curry sitting at a table on the other side. Success! I got my birthday wish! Andy and I talked to Ms. Curry about WoW, Star Wars new MMO, and NiN. It was great! Such a nice girl! I look forward to playing Star Wars: The Old Republic with her next year! I got to take pictures of and get pictures taken with the First and Best Top Model EVER! Geeking!  

We partied in between the lobby and Mafia party after that, bouncing back and forth like a ping pong ball. We ran into the "Soup Nazi" upstairs in the lobby. He may or may not have been drinking. Got to hear some neat stories about his college theater years. Its so cool to see that everyone is just a normal person. Watched Boba Fett call out and talk smack to his girlfriend. Was hilarious. I was dying. She did finally go upstairs with him but stormed off an hour or so later looking not impressed. "I didn't mean it baby" Got to watch Kevin Nash use some lady as a crutch to keep him up from his drinking shenanigan. And a silly fight between big tough douche guy vs silly drunken gay comic nerds. That pretty much killed the night for all the lobby lizards about 330ish.

Got so much stuff that needs framing! Between Art's amazing drawings he did for me and amazing prints I picked up. Filled back up my stack of trades to read and filled in a lot of gaps in comic collection of stuff I just could not find in this dead end town that is comic bookless. Oh somebody is gonna loot my home when I die! So much nerding was done the last four days, between gawking at celebrities and looting comic stores my body is still just trying to recover.  

Someday maybe I'll get a chance to visit Chicago and not just the conventions. That is actually probably a lie. If comic books are somewhere in the city limits that is probably where I'll end up. Follow your nose!  

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Starcraft 2 Fans Unite!

What a busy day! I've been awake since 3:30 and I do believe that the eight Joxer dogs in my room are not all really there, maybe one of them. I had surgery at 6:00 am, finally got into the actually surgery at 10 am. Oodles of fun! But the positive is maybe I'll be in a little less pain in one region of my body, we shall see. It's a freaking "Great Big White World" to me right now.

But the really reason for this blog is that people of Earth have been blessed today for Starcraft 2 has arrived! Years of waiting finally has come to an end! Wish a certain, Dan-Like-Friend had not borrowed my original game nine years ago along with Brood Wars, and never returned it to me. But guess I don't need it now. Waiting for installation to finish and then gotta lay down for a bit, then I am going to play through the pain and rock some of this awesome out! Thanks, Dad for the Happy Surgery Day gift!

I'll  be welcoming some multiplayer time with my fellow bloggers and friends soon enough after I pound out this single player. Need to find out what happened to my Queen Kerrigan! All you boys and girls enjoy your Starcraft 2, Ill have my impressions up soon enough! Game On!

Also check out The Guild's new music video game "Game On." The Guild brings me happiness and rainbows wrapped in McNugget shaped gumminess!

Friday, July 23, 2010

"B" All You Can Be!

Continuing my series of getting to know me better blogs, brings us to the letter "B". I thought "A" was bad, "B" is a thousand times worse. Just off the top of my head I could be here all night. So I guess I'll start off with something simple and awesome! Buzz E. Kat.

Buzz E. Kat is simply the greatest cat to ever exist! He is an inbred long haired coon barn cat with a heart of gold. Every time I don't think he can get any cuter, he proves me wrong. Buzz has mitts. Mitts you may ask. Buzz has thumbs! And not just any thumbs, thumbs he actually uses to grab things! It's hilarious to watch. He also feels the urge to sit on my shoulder and groom me. Don't ask. Well you can ask, but you may not want find out what sick things are going on in my home. Little Buzz makes my life just a little bit more awesome than it already is. If you want pics of his cuteness just text or poke me. Someday I'll write a whole blog about the Brothers Uzz.

I already told myself I would not write about this next favorite in a derogatory fashion. So I shall make it short and sweet. Two of my favorite things on women start with "B"s.God bless the female form.  :)

Okay now that is out of the way. Can't have myself sounding like a complete scumbag. Television shows. This is simple and of course starts with Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I love Sarah Michelle Gellar! She is my favorite slayer of the undead and supernatural. I only watched Buffy up to season five on television but fixed that when it came out on DVD. I've had my crush on vampires since most of these wannabes vamp lovers even knew what a vampire was. Makes me sad to think that some of these children's first brush with vamps is sparkling emo kids written by someone that writes as bad as I do.

Next Big Bang Theory of course. It is a show that is specifically written for me. I love how the show mixes everything geek and makes it come off cool even to people who are not part of this culture. Sheldon is of course everyone's favorite as well as mine. How can he not be? He is a terrifically written character. I love pointing out all the geeky things around the episodes that I have and love. Of course Heather does not care for me to do that as I have a tendency to name everything down to issue numbers and dates of release. Whatcha gonna do.

This next one covers a lot of different subjects. Batman! Batman has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. No matter the era or where I was in the world, Batman has always been there. Movies, television, toys, video games and comics.

Wait till I get to Damien Wayne.

 I worship the old 1960s Batman TV show. It is my earliest memory of the bat. Everyday I could not wait to see who was gonna be the villain and if Batman and Robin would escape whatever evil trap had been laid. I am still waiting for the television shows release on DVD. The 1966 movie is so campy and great! I'm going to have it signed by West and Ward in August!

 The 1988, Batman movie is still one of my favorite movies. Jack Nicholson as the Joker had me walking around like the Joker for years to come and started off an obsession with the Clown Prince of Crime that may have not been very health. But that is a entirely different subject. Burton's two Batman films are up there in my childhood favorites. They both hold a special place in my heart. Catwoman may have started some very bad fetishes in me. Too much information!

 The early 90's lead to Batman: The Animated Series, which is the greatest superhero cartoon to ever be made. You can't argue that, it simply is. It lead into main spin-offs all of which have always been of the higest caliber. I suggest you pick them all up on DVD or Blue-ray. Batman comic books are always on my buy list. I purchase every single other Batverse comic and now three more are coming out. Sigh. Arkham Asylum is also the best superhero video game ever made.

I could write a whole blog about Batman and may well do so at some point. Too much subject matter to fit here. So Birds of Prey is back! Written of course by Gail Simone! I'll rant of my love for her in the "G"s. But if you are ever filled with boredom, head to your local comic store and pick it up. It's such a fun read. And while you are at it grab the trades for the original series too. Also Brightest Day is going on and has me still guessing as to where it is leading me. I'm going to be starting reviews of individual issues soon.

Musically in the "B"s, Brand New is in my top five bands of all time. I would drive anywhere to watch them perform. I also enjoy the Blood Brothers, Birthday Massacre, Bright Eyes, Billy Talent and a awesome little known band Blindside. Blindside is magnificent.

I'll add to this blog when more comes to my brain but I am starting to trail off. I could write separate blogs for most of these topics and I feel bad not giving everything all the attention it deserves.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Boy Dies Using Cell Phone

Heading for bed seems like such a good idea right now, but my cell is going off the hook! And well I was answering a message a subject struck my brain! Cell Phones! Who doesn't have a cell phone? Nobody! I'm pretty sure when babies pop outta the womb one gets slapped in their hand. I remember a time I told myself, no I refused to have a cell phone! Now I have given in and I have no freaking clue what I would do without it. I wouldn't be able to find my toilet without my built in GPS! Which is probably why my dog keeps licking my carpet.

What I actually wanted to mention about cell phones is the fact that even though everyone has one, nobody seems to have the ability to answer you back. Sure there are the rare occasions you are busy, at work or fighting ninjas on a bus and have to grab the wheel and steer it to safety. But I don't think I've ever seen so many people cling to a device like their cell phone. I check mine every thirty seconds on the dot and everyone else and the room is texting, social networking, or looking at porn right along with me!

So why is it when I text somebody do I not get a response for two to three days! Not minutes, not hours mind you! Days! I know I am not the nicest person to talk too, but come on! And its not just me. It happens to everybody. You all have some relative, some friend, some significant other that does this to you. You send a email saying "Hey, you want to go to the movies at six? Get back to me as soon as possible" I get a text next Tuesday "Sorry man, I am busy tonight, later!" Busy? Tonight?! I asked you a week ago!
You want to know why?! Because even though we have the ability to communicate with people anywhere on the planet, people still just don't like to be confronted, have to give a yes or no answer, or talk to people you only want to be your Facebook friend so you have more friends. And you know what that sucks! It sucks for me, it sucks for you and it sucks for that baby that was given a cell phone at the begin of this blog.

I guess my final statement is next time someone texts or calls you and you decide your not gonna answer, think about what your doing and who you are hurting. Be glad you have those people in your life and that some cares to take the time out of their day to communicate with you. You may be busy but it takes three minutes at tops to send a message, twenty seconds for us that don't suck and have Droids. So please man up, have some balls (or for you ladies, ovaries) and talk to each other!

Scott Pilgrims Finest Hour

I don't know who else is excited about the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World, but I can hardly wait?! It's directed by Edgar Wright who did Shawn of the Dead and stars Mr. Michael Cera. Sadly enough August 13th is still a bit too far away for my liking so I am attempting to fill it with reading. I have this obligation to support the Arrested Development cast in all their endeavours. Even if poor Will Arnett can't find something as fantastic as the magician Gob, I guess I will suffer through it. He will find a place that uses his talents correctly someday.

 Anyhow if you are interest in said movie you should check out the six Scott Pilgrim books! I am only up to book three cause I am a slack ass. Book six, Scott Pilgrims Finest Hour was just released this week from Oni Press and concludes the series. There is a nice interview with the series creator Bryan Lee O'Malley's at Hero Complex. If you haven't checked books out or your one of those I have to read it before I watch it people check out my link at the bottom of the blog. Testing the new link thingamajig out.

Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 1: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life
Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 2: Scott Pilgrim Versus The World (v. 2)
Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 3: Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness (v. 3)
Scott Pilgrim, Vol 4: Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together
Scott Pilgrim Volume 5: Scott Pilgrim vs The Universe
Scott Pilgrim Volume 6: Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Animaniacs on the attack!

Laying in the shower eating a cinnamon roll this morning I was thinking about something that is missing. That missing thing? Quality cartoons! I cry to myself that I wish all these super hero movies were out when I was a wee one, but if I had to deal with the crap that is on or not on in most cases I would not be nearly as awesome as I am now. A watched the crap out of cartoons. There are the few exceptions that do not suck, Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, and the random DC hero cartoons that spring up every once in a while.

Have you ever awaken on a Saturday morning and turned on your guide channel to see what is on? Most times, nothing, if you are super lucky an infomerical on how to get bigger breasts. We wonder why our children are getting stupider and growing up way to fast, it is because we have taken away an important part of childhood. Adult televesion has become the norm for them to watch. Swearing, violence and sex are everywhere you turn. Oh no! Our thirteen old daughter is banging! Then quit letting them watch episodes of Jersey Shore!  

Back to the subject of this blog, the Animaniacs. Wacky, Yacko, and Dot were a permanent fixture in my home until the show went off the air. I still watch it on DVD. I got home everyday from school so excited to watch Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Freakazoid and Batman. It was a simpler time. It was one of those rare cartoons that mixed the old zaniness of the Looney Toons but also had hidden adult humor. There are so many little things I never noticed when I was younger on there. Where did all of our cartoon characters go? Cartoon Network and Boomrang of course. But that is not a good enough solution. 

Things have changed, they always do, but really this sucks. Marketing to children has always been a staple of cartoons. I'd see a commerical for a cool new toy and I was sold. Now your eight year old wants an iPod, cell phone and designer jeans to make them look sexy. So my solution?! Bring back saturday morning cartoons, first, after school cartoons second! Then when that happens wake up with your children and watch cartoons with them, see what they are watching, what is being forced into their small brains! 

This actually went a complete different way than I planned. I was gonna actually write about old cartoons I enjoy and ended up on a rant. Well, next time I'll write about the awesome cartoons of old.