Thursday, July 22, 2010

Boy Dies Using Cell Phone

Heading for bed seems like such a good idea right now, but my cell is going off the hook! And well I was answering a message a subject struck my brain! Cell Phones! Who doesn't have a cell phone? Nobody! I'm pretty sure when babies pop outta the womb one gets slapped in their hand. I remember a time I told myself, no I refused to have a cell phone! Now I have given in and I have no freaking clue what I would do without it. I wouldn't be able to find my toilet without my built in GPS! Which is probably why my dog keeps licking my carpet.

What I actually wanted to mention about cell phones is the fact that even though everyone has one, nobody seems to have the ability to answer you back. Sure there are the rare occasions you are busy, at work or fighting ninjas on a bus and have to grab the wheel and steer it to safety. But I don't think I've ever seen so many people cling to a device like their cell phone. I check mine every thirty seconds on the dot and everyone else and the room is texting, social networking, or looking at porn right along with me!

So why is it when I text somebody do I not get a response for two to three days! Not minutes, not hours mind you! Days! I know I am not the nicest person to talk too, but come on! And its not just me. It happens to everybody. You all have some relative, some friend, some significant other that does this to you. You send a email saying "Hey, you want to go to the movies at six? Get back to me as soon as possible" I get a text next Tuesday "Sorry man, I am busy tonight, later!" Busy? Tonight?! I asked you a week ago!
You want to know why?! Because even though we have the ability to communicate with people anywhere on the planet, people still just don't like to be confronted, have to give a yes or no answer, or talk to people you only want to be your Facebook friend so you have more friends. And you know what that sucks! It sucks for me, it sucks for you and it sucks for that baby that was given a cell phone at the begin of this blog.

I guess my final statement is next time someone texts or calls you and you decide your not gonna answer, think about what your doing and who you are hurting. Be glad you have those people in your life and that some cares to take the time out of their day to communicate with you. You may be busy but it takes three minutes at tops to send a message, twenty seconds for us that don't suck and have Droids. So please man up, have some balls (or for you ladies, ovaries) and talk to each other!

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