Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Starcraft 2 Fans Unite!

What a busy day! I've been awake since 3:30 and I do believe that the eight Joxer dogs in my room are not all really there, maybe one of them. I had surgery at 6:00 am, finally got into the actually surgery at 10 am. Oodles of fun! But the positive is maybe I'll be in a little less pain in one region of my body, we shall see. It's a freaking "Great Big White World" to me right now.

But the really reason for this blog is that people of Earth have been blessed today for Starcraft 2 has arrived! Years of waiting finally has come to an end! Wish a certain, Dan-Like-Friend had not borrowed my original game nine years ago along with Brood Wars, and never returned it to me. But guess I don't need it now. Waiting for installation to finish and then gotta lay down for a bit, then I am going to play through the pain and rock some of this awesome out! Thanks, Dad for the Happy Surgery Day gift!

I'll  be welcoming some multiplayer time with my fellow bloggers and friends soon enough after I pound out this single player. Need to find out what happened to my Queen Kerrigan! All you boys and girls enjoy your Starcraft 2, Ill have my impressions up soon enough! Game On!

Also check out The Guild's new music video game "Game On." The Guild brings me happiness and rainbows wrapped in McNugget shaped gumminess!

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