Thursday, July 15, 2010

Warped Tour Awesomeness...

Yesterday July 14th I spent the day at Darien Center, New York at the 2010 Vans Warped Tour. I've been meaning to go for the last ten years and decided to partake suddenly on the Friday before. The journey up there with one of my good friends was uneventful. I laughed at some teenagers who all ran into each other causing a four car accident. Nobody was hurt so it's okay to laugh. I think. They were half a mile from the concert. Just more proof that kids are getting dumber. We were well supplied up by my wonderful girlfriend who made us sandwiches, suncreened me up and packed us plenty waters and treats. We parked outside the park at a local house to avoid getting out later in the evening.

We grabbed our sandwiches and made our way to the park. Turkey sandwiches were delicious! Really very satisfying.  The walk was not too long. Was a nice little jaunt. Luckily we didn't bring food or water to bring in as the security was taking it all. I pulled my Droid out of my pocket before I was to be searched and they just let me in with out searching. Yet Tom was searched. Apparently I am not dangerous looking. Of course when we entered into the concert grounds it was sensory overload! So much going on! The tickets said the shows began at 12:00pm. Lies! Bands actually went on at 11:00am and we ended up missing a couple bands.

So started our quest to find a band listing so we could create a game plan for the day. We decided to make a circle around the show. We stopped and watched Hey, Monday play a song and continued on. I always hate buying merchandise early at a show as I end up carrying it the rest of the day and it was gonna be a really long day! So we just looked, no buy! Finally we found a schedule and created a semi plan for the day. I had one band I really cared about seeing for the day and that was Alkaline Trio!

We watched Andrew W.K put on an awesome show! He is hilarious! He really just loves partying hard! All I wanted to do was party hard! Even with my horribly injured back he made it sound like it was what I should be doing. After that we headed back up the hill to check out the other merch tents. When I heard something that made my ears oh so happy that I just had to follow. That lead me to Enter Shikari. Quite a excellent little band. I highly suggest you check them out! Kinda of music I would want on well I pummeled someones face. Strolling back to the tents we found out Alkaline Trio were signing at 3:27 and that was official my main plan for the day. 

Next we went to watch Motion City Soundtrack. I love Motion City Soundtrack! I've seen them two other times in concert and they never disappoint me. They always sound great! And Jeese Johnson rocks his keyboard like no other! He is great to watch. Their last CD is fantastic and I suggest everyone check it out. Kinda depressing but what isn't now days. Sadly Motion Cities signing at the Trojan condom tent was at the same time as Trio's. Off we went to check to see if there was a line starting for the signing.

Luckily we did because a line had formed! Was only about twenty, twenty-five people. Could have been a lot worse. So began the hour and twenty-five minute wait in line. If I would have know they were signing I would have brought my favorite CD, Good Mourning. Instead I picked up a vinyl copy of their new album, Addiction. I was so excited! I don't get excited about too much. Wonka candy vendors kept me on my sugar high well we waited standing in line. When we finally got to the front of the line my brain shut off. Dan Andriano told me to keep the line moving as I had blanked out and had ceased moving. He signed my record. Matt Skiba told me he loved my shirt and signed my album. I told him "thank you for making music for me to get wasted too and hurt myself". Next I had Derek Grant sign it and my grand signing was complete. I asked Mr. Skiba if I could take a picture and took a quick picture. I was on top of the world! Where to next I wondered as nothing else was gonna top this....

We headed down to the Glamour Kills stage to watch Ace Enders or I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody Else. We sat down in the box seats in the stadium and ate some of my stash of Wonka Candies. The set was enjoyable. He ended it with Ever So Sweet from his days with Early November. Was nice to relax after roaming about for all those hours in the sun. Made sure to fill up our $4.00 water bottles! Outsmarted you crazy expensive liquids vendors! We roamed the merch area for awhile when we got up, stopped and watched some random bands that names escape my brain at the moment. Tom got some of his CDs signed and fell in love with a girl named Becca.

Next on my list was Kelsey and the Chaos and Every Time I Die. Both were right between each other and I ended up missing all of Every Time I Die. By this time of day the sun was beating down upon my dome. My sunscreen was starting to give out. Kelsey and the Chaos amused me and were hanging out next to the stage after their show. I had got my CD signed by Kelsey Merritt the lead vocalist and Tyler Lyons, guitarist. I also got pictures with them. They were both nice kids. Tom talked with Corey DeVincenzo, bassist, for a second, but he was in a hurry to get a shower. Understandable. Check them out at or add them as a friend at Facebook.

Tom went to the acoustic performance of his new woman, Becca during Kelsey and the Chaos. Afterwards we went and got her to sign his CD and take a picture with him. Bottle refill time was next. Then the mighty, great Alkaline Trio went on! It was great! We had a excellent view of the stage. Two silly children passed out in the crowd. If its 90 degrees outside kiddies drink liquids, eat food! You will pass out if you don't you @#$%s. Not taking care of yourselves because you want to be cool at a concert is freaking stupid! They had to stop playing for the second girl because nobody wanted to help her. Was she in the pit with no friends?! Interesting. Anyhoo, the Trio played my favorite song Emma, out of eight records worth of music they could have played so that was the @#$%ing awesome. It was @#$%ing great! One more band crossed off my list of ones I wanted to see live.


  1. Thanks for using that picture of me lol. Yeah, it was a great day.

  2. Dennis! I miss you at work! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Kelsey and the Chaos! I grew up with the bassist, Corey. Really funny to think that when we were in middle school, Corey was just a small, quiet kid with long hair and band T-shirts, and now he's known by all of my Buffalo friends as "Corey D, the bassist in Kelsey and the Chaos," and he lives over 7 hours away! I just thought it was funny and figured I would share :) It looks like you had a great time at Warped Tour! I hope to see you back at work soon! :)