Monday, July 12, 2010

Inception, Inception, Inception

I remember back when I first saw the preview for Inception earlier this year at the iMax. It stirred something in me that I had not felt in a long time, not since I first saw the trailer for the original Matrix. Excitement! Excitement is something that is very hard for me to feel. Now don't get me wrong I get excited about movies all the time. When I first saw the trailer for the Matrix. My poor brain had to reboot itself after that awesomeness. I didn't know what it was about or anything, all I knew is that I must see this movie! I waited patiently until it came out at the theater getting more and more excited with every trailer I saw. When I finally did see it, I left the theater with my breath just taken away. I tried to explain to people what I saw, what it was about and could do nothing but tell them go see for yourself. I returned to the theater later that night to partake in another viewing. How could this be?! It was just as fantastic as the first time!

Ever since I have waited for another preview to excite me so. Most movies I wait to see I know about ahead of time, have a basic idea of what I am going to see, what I am going to be paying for. Every time I see a trailer for Inception I feel that hope, that feeling I'm going to see something amazing again, something I haven't see before, something to challenge my brain and inspire me. It has an amazing cast and a very interesting premise. So Friday, at the iMax, I am going to lean back and hopefully watch the best movie of this year and leave the theater satisfied like I did after the Matrix. Its a great feeling to watch a movie and just feel, good. It doesn't happen very often sadly enough. If you haven't checked out the previews for Inception, please do. Stream them in hi-def, turn your speakers up and rock it out! You will not be disappointed. Check out the site at

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