Friday, July 23, 2010

"B" All You Can Be!

Continuing my series of getting to know me better blogs, brings us to the letter "B". I thought "A" was bad, "B" is a thousand times worse. Just off the top of my head I could be here all night. So I guess I'll start off with something simple and awesome! Buzz E. Kat.

Buzz E. Kat is simply the greatest cat to ever exist! He is an inbred long haired coon barn cat with a heart of gold. Every time I don't think he can get any cuter, he proves me wrong. Buzz has mitts. Mitts you may ask. Buzz has thumbs! And not just any thumbs, thumbs he actually uses to grab things! It's hilarious to watch. He also feels the urge to sit on my shoulder and groom me. Don't ask. Well you can ask, but you may not want find out what sick things are going on in my home. Little Buzz makes my life just a little bit more awesome than it already is. If you want pics of his cuteness just text or poke me. Someday I'll write a whole blog about the Brothers Uzz.

I already told myself I would not write about this next favorite in a derogatory fashion. So I shall make it short and sweet. Two of my favorite things on women start with "B"s.God bless the female form.  :)

Okay now that is out of the way. Can't have myself sounding like a complete scumbag. Television shows. This is simple and of course starts with Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I love Sarah Michelle Gellar! She is my favorite slayer of the undead and supernatural. I only watched Buffy up to season five on television but fixed that when it came out on DVD. I've had my crush on vampires since most of these wannabes vamp lovers even knew what a vampire was. Makes me sad to think that some of these children's first brush with vamps is sparkling emo kids written by someone that writes as bad as I do.

Next Big Bang Theory of course. It is a show that is specifically written for me. I love how the show mixes everything geek and makes it come off cool even to people who are not part of this culture. Sheldon is of course everyone's favorite as well as mine. How can he not be? He is a terrifically written character. I love pointing out all the geeky things around the episodes that I have and love. Of course Heather does not care for me to do that as I have a tendency to name everything down to issue numbers and dates of release. Whatcha gonna do.

This next one covers a lot of different subjects. Batman! Batman has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. No matter the era or where I was in the world, Batman has always been there. Movies, television, toys, video games and comics.

Wait till I get to Damien Wayne.

 I worship the old 1960s Batman TV show. It is my earliest memory of the bat. Everyday I could not wait to see who was gonna be the villain and if Batman and Robin would escape whatever evil trap had been laid. I am still waiting for the television shows release on DVD. The 1966 movie is so campy and great! I'm going to have it signed by West and Ward in August!

 The 1988, Batman movie is still one of my favorite movies. Jack Nicholson as the Joker had me walking around like the Joker for years to come and started off an obsession with the Clown Prince of Crime that may have not been very health. But that is a entirely different subject. Burton's two Batman films are up there in my childhood favorites. They both hold a special place in my heart. Catwoman may have started some very bad fetishes in me. Too much information!

 The early 90's lead to Batman: The Animated Series, which is the greatest superhero cartoon to ever be made. You can't argue that, it simply is. It lead into main spin-offs all of which have always been of the higest caliber. I suggest you pick them all up on DVD or Blue-ray. Batman comic books are always on my buy list. I purchase every single other Batverse comic and now three more are coming out. Sigh. Arkham Asylum is also the best superhero video game ever made.

I could write a whole blog about Batman and may well do so at some point. Too much subject matter to fit here. So Birds of Prey is back! Written of course by Gail Simone! I'll rant of my love for her in the "G"s. But if you are ever filled with boredom, head to your local comic store and pick it up. It's such a fun read. And while you are at it grab the trades for the original series too. Also Brightest Day is going on and has me still guessing as to where it is leading me. I'm going to be starting reviews of individual issues soon.

Musically in the "B"s, Brand New is in my top five bands of all time. I would drive anywhere to watch them perform. I also enjoy the Blood Brothers, Birthday Massacre, Bright Eyes, Billy Talent and a awesome little known band Blindside. Blindside is magnificent.

I'll add to this blog when more comes to my brain but I am starting to trail off. I could write separate blogs for most of these topics and I feel bad not giving everything all the attention it deserves.

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  1. I love it!!! And I miss you and all of your awesomely terrific nerdness!!!!!!!

    I may have to steal your idea here... I've been struggling to get myself writing again... I'll let you know how it goes....