Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Front Magazine why you so far behind!

I love being American! I love my freedoms! I love all the dirty things I can do behind closed doors! I love knowing for the most part some dumb person wearing a towel on their head is not going to decide to explode well I'm eating my Tendercrisp sandwich cause their God is better than my God! But one thing that does not make me frown is that one of two magazines I follow is three months behind here in the good old United States. Front Magazine how can you do this to me?! I have to drive an hour every month to find you! Pay ten dollars and find that I'm still two issues behind! I've been reading you for over two and half years and have loyally followed! I have spread the word of your most excellent magazine and still you mock me by making me know that I am behind two months. It makes me want to move to England just to be closer to you! You finally have subscriptions, but dropping $114.00 at one time for a magazine hurts my brain. Would it be worth it to be not two months behind?! People check out http://www.frontarmy.com/ its the official website of Front Magazine! You can grab copies at your local Borders. Its awesome and I don't think I should be the only person enjoying such awesome! Do it now!  

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