Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"A" Little Bit About Me

I decided I would write a little bit about myself on here every once in a while and why not start with the first letter of the alphabet "A". I thought this would end up being hard, then I remember I have like eight million hobbies and likes. God forbid I started writing my dislikes. So I guess I'll start with some of my television programming of old. I guess I don't watch new things that start with "A".

Alias was and is still one of my favorite shows. Sadly I couldn't get anyone to watch it so I could talk about it and poof it went off the air. I love Jennifer Garner! Each week she dressed up in different sexy outfits and wigs! I would have fine if that's all it was about! Then there was the great and mighty Arrested Development. I still find myself popping in a random disc and watching till its over to this day. It was the best comedy to be on and sadly nobody watched it till it was gone. Ive forced it upon all my friends. Buying seasons for them for birthdays and Christmases. Hopefully it does return for one last hooray in movie format. Another favorite was Angel. I only started watching it cause it was a spin off of Buffy at the time, but did grow to love it over time. Mmmmmmm Jennifer Garner........I guess I should have used Jen pic for "J", well guess I have a reason to post another now. LOL.

Movie wise I have a special place in my heart for Aliens. And even though the other movies are nowhere near as awesome as the second film, I did still enjoy them. My friend Nathan and I spent a good portion of 6th to 8th grade reveling in the world of those xenomorphes. I have a huge collection of action figures based on them, including Drop ships and Predators. I know I sure the hell would not @#$% with such creatures. Maybe they will make a good Aliens Vs. Predator someday, well before I'm dead maybe. Alice In Wonderland, the original, not the Tim Burton mess. I have a large collection of Alice merch that I have accumulated over the years of searching Disney stores and Parks. And A Scanner Darkly is a very fun film. Downey and Reeves?! How can you go wrong?!

Comic Books. While I guess the best place to start would be the Amazing Spider Man. I have a very large collection of Mr. Peter Parker starting back to when I was a child. I love that it comes out three times a month. It is consistently one of the most enjoyable reads of my month. Plus without having those eight million other Spider Man comics, the storylines don't get all jumbled and crappy. The Avengers is finally back, that is nice. It has changed into so many other titles in the last couple years. I loved the Avengers: The Initiative it was one of my favorites during the "Civil-Siege" Era. It took characters I didn't know or B-Lister's and made them into characters I wanted to know about. Now Avengers Academy has taken its place and from the first issue I am IN! I want to see where its gonna go and where they are going. I also read Action Comics and Adventure Comics, mainly part of my Superman intake. One of my favorites was Agent X from Marvel. It was a enjoyable time! It was written by the wonderful Gail Simone! If you can find back issues or trades check it out! Taskmaster eating pudding! Back before the great Deadpool ridiculousness!

Music - I do love AFI. Have every cd. Saw them in concert earlier this year, was @#$%ing amazing! Nothing better than a small venue. Alkaline Trio. Going to see them tomorrow actually. I used to listen to a lot more music but its become quite a crap filled industry over the past couple years. I have my favorites and just stick with them. I also like Apes! They are very much like people. I wish I had an ape. Sigh.

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