Sunday, July 11, 2010

Slowly bulilding a fun new world...

Hello and welcome to my first blog posting. I'm currently learning my way around this new crazy Internet world. My blogs in general will be about current entertainment news, comic books, video games, movies, television and all that great stuff that makes our lives awesome!

A little information about myself...My geekatuide is off the radar! If its nerdy or geeky I've probably at least tried it. Some of my favorites things include my video games! Ive owned every machine there is too own over my lifespan, but none of beat my trusty 360! I play a lot of video games! Comic books! Who doesn't love them?! They make my little world go around. I do a lot of miniature war gaming. My poison Warhammer 40k. Also a fan of Hero clix! Marvel or DC?! Who cares they are both awesome! Movies and television take up most of the rest of my time. I also enjoy traveling and seeing the world.

My friend Andy and I are currently working on our website at the moment that will have reviews, news, podcast and all that jazz about all our favorite subjects! Ill be writing weekly reviews of my favorite comics as well television shows and movies! Well I have lots of work to get done but soon Ill get this blog a running. :)

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