Monday, July 12, 2010

No Norton For Hulk Smashing...

Okay Marvel. I enjoy your movies, I enjoy your comic books (sometimes), but please stick with these actors if your going to try to have some kind of movie continuity. Mr. Edward Norton is the newest actor to be kicked to the side and be replaced in the Marvel Movie Universe. I enjoyed the last Hulk movie. I was looking forward to Norton being in the Avengers movie but now I have to imagine someone else as the Hulk now.
When actors are replaced in a movie it pisses me the heck off for multiple reasons. First reason its like when your favorite artist or writer is replaced in the comic book world. You read it for them or their art then they are gone and it goes to hell. The new writer decides he wants to change the personality of the characters or if they are a super douche decides to completely undo the last writers story lines. And nothing better when a sub par artist takes over and makes your eyes bleed. Ive seen comics I would have rather had a group of kindergartners draw. I will not mention names.
Second reason, I find nothing more annoying when a uninformed watcher of movies that keeps asking me who the new actor is supposed to be and I have to answer well "that is supposed to be the Hulk but they put a new actor in the role." They then stare at me lost like their brain is summoning all the power in the world trying to figure out what I just said to them. "So that is the Hulk then?" Sigh.
Third reason is it just ruins it for me. I know they changed actors. Who every takes over will most likely do an excellent job but I will still know they are not that character. I know about the change and it will still piss me off. I am probably a bit more Angry about this than normal in that I enjoy Mr. Norton as an actor, and his Banner was enjoyable. I guess we shall wait and see who replaces him so I can shake my head in disapproval for a couple weeks and then finally accept it.

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